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Faculty-led Programs

Faculty-led programs are tailor made group trips and educational tours that allow you to see Brazil in a different way, visiting places you would never see as a regular tourist. Study tours give you the chance to learn more about your area of study in a diverse context.  You will visit companies, watch lectures, and learn more about Brazil simultaneously as you experience our culture.


Study tours are a great way to know different places, cultures and people in a short time, it is a specialized cross-cultural exchange program. Providing a unique and distinct way of seeing the subject matter in a Brazilian perspective. Allowing the participants become aware of a reality that is not in the spotlight.


The student will gain not just an international experience and basic Brazilian Portuguese skills, but more than that, they will understand the complexity of the world we live in, respecting differences and developing communication skills with people that might not share the same principles and ideas. This short-term program is highly secure since the group will be travelling with someone they know and that is familiar with area and content.


It is a “learn by going” program, taught by the faculty itself and students will join the professor abroad. Because of this particularity, it is secure and supervised, and well structured. However, the high level of complexity of organizing such a specific type of travel itinerary might be an obstacle in achieving the expected goal. That is where Brazilian Experience’s expertise comes to place.


Besides planning the itinerary with your university, our staff is prepared to act as facilitators on the learning process. Our program is composed of activities that consider individual and collective ways of learning and emphasizes learning by doing. We will work in partnership with the faculty to support the group development and help them find their own solutions to implement their ideas. Our goal is to build a rich exchange and a caring environment in order to enhance and multiply learning.


Reflection is a key component on experiential learning. We will work in partnership with the faculty and suggest group dynamics, reflection questions, artwork, body movements, among other exercises, to encourage students to think about their experience. The dialogue sessions will assure the group has a moment to share impressions and feelings.


We organize customized faculty led programs, because we trust it’s an excellent way of combining the theory taught inside the classroom and pragmatic expertise by visiting companies and institutions related to specific areas of interest. We will create an itinerary according to your institution objectives and provide budget accordingly. It might sound complicated, but what all you will have to do is essentially tell us what you expect your students to learn, which places you would like them to visit, and w wi’ll discuss a range of ideas we think will suit your program in the best possible way.

What we can do for you:

  • Personalized itinerary development
  • Selection of accredited host university to provide lectures or offer classroom space
  • On-site visit arrangements related to the area of studies
  • Housing, ground transportation, and meals arrangements
  • Day or overnight excursions
  • Brazilian culture activities: Samba, Capoeira, and/or Culinary Workshop
  • Bilingual local guide
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Mobile phone provided to Faculty head for unlimited communication with local guide

In addition, you can also involve your students with service/volunteer opportunities.

Get in touch with us today to live this amazing experience!



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Jordan Powers, American, Faculty-Led Program, UCO 2016


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Anirudth Kadatoka, Indian, Faculty-Led Program, UCO 2016
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