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Our first volunteer from Harvard arrives in Curitiba!


Tsuyoshi Domoto is originally from Japan, but describes himself as a Global Citizen. He has lived in 5 different countries: Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong (China), South Korea and the US, where he graduated in International Relations and Economics, followed by a Master in Technology, Innovation and Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education.






He has always dreamed about coming to Brazil specially because of our captivating culture and musical style. To him, Bossa Nova is one of the biggest references he had from Brazil, mainly because of his parents, that used to listen to it at home.


Yoshi will be volunteering as an English teacher in São Miguel, a traditional fisherman village in Paraná Coast. He will teach children and teenagers involved on the Tourism Network of Caiçara Communities, a project of community-based tourism in the region. He has come to Brazil through our partner World Teach and expect to be an example for future volunteers.


Those communities live isolated from major cities and are mostly accessible by boat. The purpose of tourism development on those communities is to empower them to share their daily life and activities, while generating a new income source for the families and encouraging them to preserve their rich culture.


Yoshi is creating a career in education and believes that this kind of experience will provide him a critical knowledge of the study area and improve, even more, his resume in addition of his past experiences as a community-development worker in Honduras.


The Teach Abroad program provides the opportunity to be immersed in a different culture and allow less fortunate children to interact with the English language, which is one of the goals that Yoshi mentioned it was important while choosing this program. He is very excited to start his activities and expects to make the difference for them.

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