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Important info about Patos de Minas
Patos de MInas


Thinking on making your stay in Minas Gerais safer and more pleasant, we’ve selected some important info about Patos de Minas city.


The city

Also known as the ‘Corn National Capital’, Patos de Minas is a small city with less than 150 000 inhabitants and it has one of the most famous events of corn in Brazil named Fenamilho, which happens every year during the first semester, as a cultural event. The next Fenamilho is going to happen May 2017.


Avarege Weather

Patos de Minas has a very rainy summer and a really dry winter. Below, the average temperatures of the year:


Dec/Jan/Feb –  Max: 81,14ºF Min: 63,14ºF Ave: 71,6ºF

Mar/April/May –  Max: 80,6ºF Min: 53,6ºF Ave: 69,6ºF

Jun/Jul/Aug –  Max: 78,8ºF Min: 54,68ºF Ave: 56,77ºF

Sep/Oct/Nov – Max: 81,14ºF Min: 62,6ºF Ave:71,6ºF




HNSF – Hospital Nossa Senhora de Fátima

Address: Rua Padre Caldeira, 386 – Centro. Postal Code – 38700-044

Phone: +55 (34) 3820-1000


Taxi and Motorcycle Taxi Services

As a small town, it is common to people to take cabs for transportation or for some ordering service, due difficulties in the public transportation. Below, some taxi services selected by the city hall of Patos de Minas.

Taxi Avenida Getúlio Vargas: +55 (34) 3822-2929

Taxi Belchior: 0800-940-4334

Taxi Ponto Antiga Rodoviária: +55 (34) 3821-2400

Taxi Silvano: +55 (34) 3821-2643


Motorcycle Taxi Service

Izza Motorcycle Taxi: 0800-347070

Motorcycle Taxi Brasil: +55 (34) 3821-3939

Motorcycle Taxi Dois Irmãos: +55 (34) 3821-8866

Motorcycle Taxi Patense: 0800-347090

Motorcycle Taxi ‘Vai Com Deus’: +55 (34) 3821-9706

Rota Motorcycle Taxi: +55 (34) 3823-5050


Bars and restaurants

Bar e Restaurante na Terra

Address: Rua José de Santana, 171 – Centro. Postal code – 38703-030

Phone: +55 (34) 3814-8148


Meet Dining Club

Endereço: Rua Dr. Marcolino, 1169 – Centro. Postal code – 38700-160

Telefone: (34) 3814-0020


Uai Beer

Address: Rua Padre Almir Neves de Medeiros, 101 –  Sobradinho. Postal code – 38701-118

Phone: +55 (34) 3823-7799


Places to visit:


Catedral Patos de Minas


Santo Antônio de Pádua Catedral (Catedral de Patos de Minas/Catedral Santo Antônio de Pádua)  

Address: Downtown. Postal Code – 38700-101

Phone: +55 (34) 3821-2450


Mocambo Park (Parque Mocambo)

Address: Rua Elói Magalhães – Jardim Floresta. Postal code – 38703-060



Lagoa Grande

Address: Rua Doutor Ivan Clementino Santana. Postal Code 38700-354

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