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International Service Learning

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” Aristotle

International Service learning is a strategy of teaching and learning that involve the students with community service and reflection activities while travelling abroad.
Engage your students in a meaningful period of study abroad during an alternative spring break which will not only be fun, but develop skills to promote civic commitment and consciousness of their whole and potential in society. Allow them to see the world from a different perspective which will change their references. Brazilian Experience customizes the program according to your institution’s learning goals.
It is a chance to do more during vacation, “look beyond the wall”, while being in contact with different backgrounds and living the reality of a developing community in a different country. More than that, to see how much they can contribute through getting organized to cooperate.
Brazilian Experience’s mission by organizing ISL programs is not only to benefit the international students, but also to engage and empower the communities visited through quick and high impact performances willing to trigger sustainable local development processes. Our methodology prepares all the parties involved (students, host communities, NGOs) to look for each other with different eyes and establish deep connections of respect while working together to achieve a common goal.
Take a step towards an amazing cultural experience and contact us for more information. We will organize the most memorable spring break abroad for your students!
It is an opportunity to travel, learn, apply academic knowledge in practical activities, reflect, personally develop, help, integrate with a different community and be a part of a significant experience. Service learning complements the classroom knowledge, linking theory with practice. More than that, it provides the perfect scenario to develop personal skills rather than technical intelligence.
Just like the study tours, it is a learn by going experience and students will be a part of a group with a teacher and a leader from Brazilian Experience, to make sure the program is safe, supervised and well structured.
Our staff will act as facilitators during the learning process. We will use group dynamics, reflection questions, artwork, body movements, among other exercises, to encourage students to think about their experience. The dialogue sessions are a key activity, assuring a moment to share impressions and feelings.
Brazilian Experience designs the Service Learning experiences to stimulate the desire to work and learn together to contribute for communities, focusing on human development. Our director, Rafaela Rolim, is formed as a facilitator with Anthroposophic basis, experienced in driving transformation processes in institutions and communities.
Our program is composed of activities that consider individual and collective ways of learning and emphasizes learning by doing. We will work in partnership with the faculty to support the group development and help them find their own solutions to implement their ideas. Our goal is to build a rich exchange and a caring environment in order to enhance and multiply learning.
The itinerary will be made according to your institution needs and objectives and Brazilian Experience will provide:

• Personalized itinerary development
• Organize service opportunity
• Conduct activities and dialogue sessions to stimulate reflection
• Selection of an accredited host university to provide lectures or offer classroom space
• On the site visit arrangements related to the area of studies if requested
• Housing, ground transportation and meals arrangements
• Day or overnight excursions
• Brazilian cultural activities: Samba, Capoeira, and/or Culinary Workshop
• Bilingual local leader
• Mobile phone provided to Faculty head for unlimited communication with local staff

Join an ISL alternative spring break in Brazil.

Why choose Brazilian Experience as a service learning partner?

Because the benefits of this experience are countless and we want to make sure your students get the most out of it.
Starting with the personal development, we work to create a program where participants can have the opportunity to work as a group on productive activities, developing creativity, proactivity, caring for others and responsibility.
Students will have a chance to reflect and develop skills that they did not even know they had. The new culture and environment will naturally force them to increase spiritual growth, ability to work with others, communication skills, moral development and especially, make them feel that they can actually make a difference and be a part of something bigger.
Regarding the career outcomes, the service learning program aims to complement academic activities and the opportunity for students to be in touch with organizations and professionals in Brazil. It is a chance to see and act in the real world.
Another important point is the social outcomes. Exchange programs help people to reduce stereotypes, create a better social understanding and experiencing another way of life, especially through service activities. It is the best way to increase awareness for the importance of sustainability, consciousness of the different realities and problems and most importantly, the will to help.

These are just some of the benefits you can get from the Brazilian Experience service learning program and we invite you to experience them and develop many others on your own here in Brazil! We are looking for students and universities who share the willingness to educate students to be competent and caring globalized professionals. Get in touch to plan you service learning group!

Get in touch with us today to live this amazing experience!



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