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International Service Learning – FAQ

What will Brazilian Experience (BE) do for me, my faculty and my students?


Brazilian Experience will organize everything for you and your students, from planning the trip until your group returns home. Once you get in contact with us, we will discuss your goals and expectations of the program. Then, we will suggest an itinerary and a service activity. You will be able to participate in this process as much as you want. You can add or exclude visits and trips to other places, the program will be customized at your discretion.

Once the itinerary is defined we will assist you with the documents to obtain a Brazilian visa. Once in Brazil, a BE staff member will always accompany you in your activities and trips, this will also help you with the language barrier.

Brazilian Experience leaders will also act as facilitators to engage students, promote reflection about values, feelings and skills, aiming to enhance their learning process through experiential activities and evolve the students’ abilities to add not only to the community visited but also to those back home.

So, from the planning stages to departure we will provide you full support.


What are the learning outcomes of the program?

Brazilian Experience will customize the program according to your institution learning objectives. Although, there are common outcomes for all itineraries. By completing the activities, the students will have learned to:

  • Look beyond judgments and preconceptions;
  • Listen actively and look appreciatively;
  • Admit their own power and develop proactive attitudes to promote change;
  • Recognize the talents of the people around them and their own;
  • Establish connections of mutual trust and benefit;
  • Discover common goals and dreams in a group;
  • Improve their relationship with people and the environment;
  • Mobilize people towards a common objetive.


How long is the program?

The lenght of a Service Learning program is very flexible. We recommend 7-14 days, so  that students will have enough time to perform all activities and get to see and enjoy a little bit of Brazil and its culture.

BE will customize the itinerary according to your goals. It could be one-week during Spring break, J-Term or longer.


What is the average cost of a program?

The program fee depends on the itinerary, how many students will join, the duration of the program and the locations which will be visted.

Send us an email and we will reply with detailed information about the costs.


Is there a minimum number of students?

Normally the trip is budgeted for a minimum group of 10 students.


Do the students have to be accompanied by a responsible faculty member?

Normally the students will be accompanied by a teacher or a representative from the University. Depending on the number of students, the person responsible for them will not have to pay to join the program. Once they get here, they will also be with a Brazilian Experience leader, who will assist during the whole trip.


Do I need to speak Portuguese to be able to be a part of the program?

No, it is not necessary to speak Portuguese. As soon as the group arrives in Brazil, there will be someone who speaks English to help and assist during the entire program.


Does Brazilian Experience provide visa support documentation?

American students and faculty, applying for a short stay program, should generally apply for a tourism visa. Some Europeans are exempt from the visa requirement as it is granted upon arrival in Brazil and they are allowed to stay in the country for 90 days.

Brazilian Experience will provide an invitation letter if requested by the consulate or embassy.


How soon can I get a proposal?

On average, we ask for 1-2 weeks to prepare a proposal, as we need to contact the local providers (hotel, transportation, university, etc.) for the most up-to-date costs, according to your expected travel dates.

After the schedule approval and adjustments we will write a detailed itinerary including information about the places to be visited, pictures, and a final budget.


Do you have people on the ground in the location?

Brazilian Experience head-office is located in Curitiba, six hours south of São Paulo. We also have local coordinators in Rio de Janeiro and Florianópolis. We are able to organize activities and visits in different Brazilian cities.

As locals, we believe we can assure you the best Brazilian Experience.


Do you offer insurance during our stay in Brazil?

Most universities prefer to offer their own travel insurance to their students, but if necessary we can include insurance in the program.


Do I need to bring another faculty member or an assistant?

This is up to the university, on our side it is not necessary to have more than one faculty chaperoning the group. If we have bigger groups we will also include additional B.E. staff members to ensure all the participants have the proper attention and support.


What is your student-staff ratio?

Brazilian Experience organizes the trips having one group leader for every 20 students confirmed. However, if your university requires a different number we can plan accordingly.


Do I need to speak Portuguese to lead this program?

No. We always encourage faculties and students to learn some Portuguese before coming, as this allows a deeper interaction during the visits and higher immersion in the culture. But it is not mandatory to have language ability to lead a group in Brazil.

Our group leaders are native Brazilians, and fluent English speakers. They will chaperone the group during all the cultural activities and visits. We aim to use all our expertise in Brazil to assure your students get the best from their experience in our country.


Do my students need to know Portuguese to participate?

Portuguese skills are not a program requirement. Still, we encourage students to learn the basics before coming, as this knowledge will allow them a deeper interaction during the visits. Language knowledge will be especially beneficial if there is a service component in the trip schedule and important when interacting with members of the community.


Do you provide visa support documentation?

American students and faculty, applying for short stay program, should generally apply for a tourism visa. Some Europeans are exempt from the visa requirement as it is granted upon arrival in Brazil and they are allowed to stay in the country for 90 days.

Brazilian Experience will provide an invitation letter if requested by the consulate or embassy.


Do you offer 24-hour support?

Brazilian Experience offers 24/7 support. Our staff is always available and can be reached via mobile phone should you need assistance in an emergency. Please note during the trip our staff will also chaperone your group in every activity and excursion.

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Ashley Dunham


Dear Be, you have forever changed my life and will forever be a part of my heart and soul! More than anything I want to come back to Brazil to live and to work! Thank you so much and please do not lose touch with us! In such a short time you have helped me fall in love with this country. I miss you all! The colors in life look more brilliant and beautiful than they ever have before thank to you! My life is forever more vibrant thanks to you and this amazing experience! I will hold on to these memories forever! Thank you for the bottom depths of my heart and soul!

Ashley Dunham, American, Social Work Student, NMC in 2015


Wow, what an experience! Traveling to Brazil has been the time of my life. This is a trip of a lifetime, one I will never forget. I will carry these memories with me forever. Thank you Brazilian Experience!

Cheyann Stevens, American, Social Work Student, NMC in 2015
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