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Internship Abroad

International internships are for you who want to travel, experience new worlds and to gain important work experience in a multicultural environment.


An international internship program provides the participants with an excel whether working with or studying health, human sciences or any other field. It is undeniable that the globalisation and the reduction of the barriers between countries have reached a point that the more you understand different cultures, languages and realities, the more prepared you are to live in your current society. Following this idea, having the opportunity to do an internship abroad is a differential not only in a professional way but in a personal way of growth as well.


An international internship is an excellent opportunity to gain professional working experience abroad. Through the Internship Experience in Brazil, university students can get a valuable experience in their field of study. More than that, it is your single chance to acquire new skills, while exploring a foreign culture and its traditions. During your internatioinal internship you will also have the opportunity to meet new people, learn a different language and get professional improvement that will make a difference in the competitive work market.


Internship positions in Brazil are available in several different areas: social sciences, business, IT, international affairs, marketing, humanities and the arts, among others.


One of the benefits often mentioned when employers are asked what they see in candidates that have already had an international experience, is the fact that working as an intern in another country teaches the students to deal with people they do not really share opinions and values with in a more successfull way. This reflects the increased focus on employability within internationalisation. Traineeships are also essential to get a feeling of the work environment, get to know the language used in the professional area and to learn more about the field and the opportunities it offers. Having an international experience will make the students much more prepared to start working after graduation. Besides, the students develop skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and independece during their internshp abroad. Being a work based learning opportunity, international internships enhance the best qualities of the student while gaining practical experience by combining them with the in-depth knowledge that has already been acquired in the university. International job placements allow the students to build global and multicultural competencies and work on their potential from that point and on.


You might be asking yourself why work in Brazil, when there are so many other countries offering the experience to work abroad? Well, Brazil is a country in development that plays an important role in the global economy and geopolitics. Brazil is a BRICS member, a group formed by the most fast growing emergents in the world, which include Russia, India, China and South Africa. Besides, it is the biggest country in Latin America and currently holds the 7th place of the biggest economies worldwide. Brazil offers a lot of chances for students interested in interning abroad.

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This week we received the Texas Tech University students in Brazil for our internship program. The students have been showing a lot of enthusiasm and excitement about the experience of being immersed in Brazilian culture and work environment, a great opportunity to improve both technical and soft skills.







The internship program is a chance for students to actually experiment what it will be required from them in a foreign company, it’s a chance to share their habits and to learn how others work as well, “a great opportunity to built my resume” said Eduardo, one of the interns that will work at LACTEC, a Research Institute that works with technological services, consulting and training in a wide range of segments, one of our partner institutions in Brazil.


Haileigh, another intern, mentioned that she wanted the chance to learn a new culture as well as gain experience in her chosen field, computer engineering, and she was very happy to start at LACTEC.


All of the students arrived with an open mind to experience our country and showed readiness to get the jobs started. Besides working on a Brazilian organization, the students are placed in host families, aiming for a deeper immersion in our culture.


Getting to know our lifestyle is considered an important aspect of the program, not only for the students but for us from BE as well. Bobbie, the third intern from Lactec, even mentioned that one of the reasons why she has chosen this program was because she was going to gain an experience she wouldn’t be able in the USA, because of the differences she will be exposed in here.


The interns have already started their work at Lactec, and they were very well welcomed in the organization, as well as at BE. They are looking forward for new projects, expect to get a lot of technical work and at the end of the program being able to communicate a least a bit in portuguese. It will be a great time for TTU students in the working aspect. We look forward to hear their stories in the next couple of weeks!

Texas Tech students arrive to intern at LACTEC
Daniel Velasquez


An unforgettable experience

“My experience as a BE international intern was life changing. This was made possible by the incredible family I was matched with, the smooth transition assistance provided by BE and the beautiful country and people of Brasil! BE team made it a priority to make sure I felt comfortable, safe and that I was enjoying my experience to the fullest. Thank you, Brazilian Experience!!”




In the picture Daniel and Rafaela 

Daniel Velasquez, American, intern in 2013
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