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International Internship

International internships are for you who want to travel, experience new worlds and to gain important work experience in a multicultural environment. Brazilian Experience offers an internship abroad program that welcomes university students from all around the world and from different fields of study to come experience working in Brazil. Internships abroad is a perfect chance to gain international experience in your field, while getting to see a new country and to gain new experiences.


Internships in Brazil last for a maximum of four months and job opportunities range from business to IT and social studies. The world is yours, so why not make the best out of it. International internships are an opportunity to gain professional growth and to grow as a person too. During your internship in Brazil, you will not only learn professional attributes, but also gain life experience that you would not gain in your home country. Brazilian Experience is here to help you get the best internship abroad experience possible. Contact us for more information and get prepared for an adventure!
International internships are more than just work. It is a chance to see a new country, live in a new culture, meet new people and have memorable experiences that will last a lifetime. International experiences will make you a stronger applicant in the job market and also make you a stronger, more independent person, capable of managing both small and big things in life. Above all, an internship abroad will leave you with great memories and a bunch of inspiration for the future.

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Wonderful opportunity!

Interning abroad was one of the best decisions I have made. The program partnership was great, my internship placement was tailored to my educational background which gave me a great boost to my resume. Portuguese classes were educational and fun which helped immerse you into the culture.


The opportunity to spend the summer in Brazil was an incredible and positive experience. I would strongly encourage you to apply for this program and start making your own memories in the amazing country of Brazil.

Allison Overholser, intern in 2013



I interned at a small IT-company for roughly 4 months in 2015. I must say I was very fortunate, as I got to work for an awesome company and had the best apartment & roommate one can find. The whole experience was simply Awesome. Almost surreal. Big thanks to all BE staff members 🙂

Kasper, intern at Solyos in 2015
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