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Internship Abroad – FAQ

What kind of experience and qualifications do interns and trainees have to have?

No experience is needed, just willingness to learn and contribute to the work placement.


Do I have to speak Portuguese?

No. Speaking Portuguese is not mandatory, but having at least a basic knowledge of the language will make your experience even better. Not everyone in Brazil speaks English fluently, so you might even find difficulties communicating with your colleagues in English.


What are the general requirements?

To be a university student and to speak English.


Are the internships paid? How much will I receive?

Some of the internships are paid. The payment depends on your placement and if the organization you will work with will be able to afford a salary. The amount paid varies a lot as well.


How long can I stay as an intern in Brazil?

According to the Brazilian Legislation, the maximum is 120 days if you arrive to Brazil with an internship visa. See more details about the visa processes and which visa you should apply for below.


From which countries are interns and trainees accepted?

All countries.


In which fields can I work?

All fields. There are some that have more feature in Brazil, for example: sustainability, tourism, education and urban planning, just to mention a few.


When can I enroll?

You can enroll at any time during the year.


When can interns start working?

When you enroll for this program, you will be asked when you are available to start your internship. BE will do their best to manage a placement for you within the dates you indicate. Make sure you enroll at least 2 months before your desired starting date.


How are placements offered?

After you enroll, send us your CV and Motivation Letter, BE will start searching for  companies and organizations that match your profile, expectations and goals. The more specified your letter is, the higher the chance of finding the best placement for you. This process of contacting your possible hosts and receiving a placement confirmation might take a while, which is why we have established a period of one month until you receive your placement. Once we find an internship for you, you will receive a document from us informing the name of the company and other details of the internship, such as: location, tasks, working hours, grant and other useful informations.


How long do I have to wait for my placement?

This also varies a lot. It depends in which field you would like to work with, if you require a paid internship, for how long you want to participate in the program, your CV, motivation letter, etc.


Is it possible to get a summer intenship?

Yes, the start and end date of the internship is defined by the student once you have enrolled to the program, but it is important to notice that the chances of getting a good placement are bigger the longer you are willing to stay.


Why do I have to pay for this program?

Brazilian Experience will take care of your international experience, from finding an internship placement for you to giving full support during your stay. We will provide you guidance and advice. If you need any assistance, you will be able to reach a BE staff member at anytime and we will try to solve your doubts or problems with you. This will make your experience surely more rewarding.


Which visa should I get?

According to the Normative Resolution 111, you can apply for an internship visa in Brazil. The internship can last up to 120 days, they are strictly for university students and the visa will be connected to your university. You can apply for this visa in your homecountry.

The category of this type of visa is VITEM IV and for that you will need:

  • the placement confirmation (of your internship in Brazil, that will be provided by Brazilian Experience),
  • The Internship Commitment Term signed by the host organization, BE, student and university.

Note that since June 2014, some changes about the eligibility for this visa were made. Before the Resolution, the student had to be enrolled in a Brazilian university in order to find an internship here. After this new appendix, being enrolled in any university is enough.


Can interns and trainees have more than one job?

No. Since you will be in Brazil under an internship visa, you will not be allowed to work here apart from your internship program. This is part of the Brazilian Legislation. If you want to come to Brazil for work you should get the VITEM V visa.

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Daniel Velasquez


An unforgettable experience

“My experience as a BE international intern was life changing. This was made possible by the incredible family I was matched with, the smooth transition assistance provided by BE and the beautiful country and people of Brasil! BE team made it a priority to make sure I felt comfortable, safe and that I was enjoying my experience to the fullest. Thank you, Brazilian Experience!!”




In the picture Daniel and Rafaela 

Daniel Velasquez, American, intern in 2013
Michelle and Jules at our Farewell dinner


Brazilian experience is the BEST experience!

Rafaela & her team are great. BE is one of the most supportive & accommodating programs I have ever experienced. There were a few unexpected changes during my program both on the housing & internship sides, but BE was seamless with their assistance. The entire trip was smooth. Not only does BE fulfill the requirements of the program, but they are very helpful & flexible with any general interests, last minute debacles, & even random shenanigans from us more spontaneous people. Even if BE cannot help Michelle and Jules at our Farewell dinner                                      directly they find the information you need to do it on  your own. The response time & friendliness is impeccable.
Some things my group appreciated most:

1) BE’s willingness to help us plan unscheduled extracurricular excursions (I mean you cannot go to Brazil and not travel at least a little bit!). We were based in Curitiba, but Rafaela & her team helped us plan trips to Morretes, Foz do Iguaçu & Floripa and even gave us insider tips for our pending trip to Rio de Janeiro.
2) BE’s enthusiasm to teach us about Brazilian culture while still honoring & incorporating our home culture. For example, we celebrated Festa Junina AND the 4th of July. With BE no question is unanswered, no question is too stupid, & there are never too many.
3) BE’s attention to detail & flexibility. My internship was perfectly suited to my major & interests. It was convenient & the people were great. On the flipside, I remember one guy’s supervisor quit one day at this internship and basically left him hanging. BE had a new placement for him within a day or two and he was able to complete the academic requirements with no problem & still had a positive experience.
4) BE is not just a faceless company, you could always reach someone. The BE staff, the homestay families, & even Rafa came and hung out on numerous occasions and made sure we had exactly what their name implies: an EXPERIENCE.
My trip was in 2012 and I still keep in touch with Rafa, her team, & the great people I met along the way. To this day, my trip with BE is still one of the best experiences of my life & I am quite the adventurer! 🙂 My only regret is not being able to go back and visit more often.


Michelle, American, Intern in 2012.
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