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Ever dreamed of working or studying in a different country? Learning to live in a completely new environment and gaining a whole lot of new experiences? This is exactly what working and studying abroad offers to you. Brazilian Experience gives you a chance to work or study in colorful Brazil.


Brazilian Experience has several options for you who are interested in working and studying in Brazil. If you want to gain more experience in your field, put what you have learned through academics into practical use and at the same time experience the market in a different environment you have a chance to do your internship in Brazil. Working abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity to dive into a new culture while gaining expertise in your own field in a fast developing country.
Brazil has endless options for people interested in working or studying abroad. If you want to be more desirable in the job market, gain useful knowledge and gain a lot of attributes that can only be gained through an international experience, this program is for you. Contact us and tell what you are looking for, and we will do our best to find your place in Brazil.

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Overall my experience with Brazilian Experience was wonderful. It was a life changing adventure that I will remember and cherish for a lifetime. The company they placed me in was great, and their guidance throughout the trip was very helpful and useful. […]

Everything worked out in the end, but my advice would tell people that they will need to travel for a visa more than a couple weeks before their planned trip.


To see Jake full testimonial visit GoAbroad site.

Jacob Recoon, intern at Sioux in 2017


I spent about 4 months in Curitiba, Brazil with the most amazing Brazilian host family, who soon became a second family to me. I was given the opportunity to intern at a Brazilian company and to interact with Brazilians while learning cultural differences through being immersed in the job culture. […]I was able to travel throughout the country and visit beautiful places.

Overall, my experience in Brazil remains one of the best memories that I have had in my life. […] If I could, I would do it over and over again.”

Stephanie, intern at CIN – FIEPPR in 2012
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