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Yellow Fever 2
Preventing yourself from Yellow Fever

        Some Brazilian states are advising foreigners to take vaccines due the yellow fever outbreak. In order to make your time here more pleasant, BE listed […]

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Storytelling: Bulgarian Vera Paunova

Today we welcomed Vera Paunova, from Bulgary, in Curititba. Before arriving, she spent three weeks as a volunteer at Jaguar reserve, a nonprofit group with conservationist purposes, safeguarding the future of […]

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Portuguese GE Language and Brazilian Culture in Curitiba CAPA
Portuguese GE Language and Brazilian Culture in Curitiba, Brazil

Brazilian Experience is offering a semester of cultural immersion in partnership with Ohio State University and the Federal University of Paraná, in Curitiba, Brazil. Not only are the two […]

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Storytelling: Finnish Juulia Hutri

Last Friday we welcome Juulia from Finland, she just graduated last year in Social Sciences and decided to come to Brazil to get working skills at an internship in Curitiba. She […]

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Emilie with her host mom
Emelie Hägglöf tell us about her experience in Brazil

The Swedish sociologist, Emelie, was in Rio de Janeiro to work as a volunteer at Solar Meninos de Luz,  a NGO that promotes education, culture and sports to children […]

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work visa post
Brazilian Work Visa for Foreign Students

Since the last weeks of 2016, foreign undergraduates or postgraduates in Brazil may work legally in the country. The measure is also valid for students who have already finished […]

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Trips Around Curitiba Index

As you may notice, Brazil is a huge country and it has a mix of several cultures, so it’s easy to travel a few hours and discover a completely different place, […]

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Important Info Index

  Once you arrive in a new country, you will always face a different culture and new challenges. Before you settle down in your new city, you will have to […]

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How to Get a Brazilian SIM Card

It’s pretty easy and cheap to get a SIM card in Brazil, specially with you already have a phone that you can use here.   Mobile phones in Brazil […]

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Transportation Around Brazil

Whether you’re going around your city in Brazil , travelling to other cities or even to other countries in South America, here it goes some tips:   Taxi: Taxis […]

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