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Ponta Grossa
Important info about Ponta Grossa

    The city   Ponta Grossa is one of the most populous cities in Paraná state with over 330,000 inhabitants and is also the second industrial pole of […]

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Important info about Brasília

    The city   Brasília is the federal capital of Brazil, where our government is at, the third most populous city in the country and the biggest city […]

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Storytelling: Finnish Jenni and Chinese Wing Yan

Today at the office we welcomed two interns, Wing Yan from Hong Kong and Jenni from Finland. They are here for an internship in two different partner institutions, Wing […]

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Importat info about Lavras

  The city Lavras is a small city located in the south of Minas Gerais state, in the region of Campos das Vertentes. It has around 100 000 inhabits […]

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Patos de MInas
Important info about Patos de Minas

  Thinking on making your stay in Minas Gerais safer and more pleasant, we’ve selected some important info about Patos de Minas city.   The city Also known as […]

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Important info and places in São João del Rei

  We are always thinking about how to make your stay here in Brazil even better, so If you’re going to the city of São João del Rei, check […]

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Belo Horizonte from ‘A’ to ‘Z’

    Thinking about your comfortable stay here in Brazil we collected a few informations about Belo Horizonte. If you’re planning on going there, you should check some general […]

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Yellow Fever 2
Preventing yourself from Yellow Fever

        Some Brazilian states are advising foreigners to take vaccines due the yellow fever outbreak. In order to make your time here more pleasant, BE listed […]

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Storytelling: Bulgarian Vera Paunova

Today we welcomed Vera Paunova, from Bulgary, in Curititba. Before arriving, she spent three weeks as a volunteer at Jaguar reserve, a nonprofit group with conservationist purposes, safeguarding the future of […]

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Portuguese GE Language and Brazilian Culture in Curitiba CAPA
Portuguese GE Language and Brazilian Culture in Curitiba, Brazil

Brazilian Experience is offering a semester of cultural immersion in partnership with Ohio State University and the Federal University of Paraná, in Curitiba, Brazil. Not only are the two […]

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