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Important info and places in São João del Rei


We are always thinking about how to make your stay here in Brazil even better, so If you’re going to the city of São João del Rei, check some tips and places we’ve selected to make that experience easier and more pleasant.

The city

São João del Rei is a historical city in Minas Gerais state. One of it’s main characteristic is the evolution of it’s architecture structure, which has originated from the barroch art and became a mixed of the old with a modern style.



São João del Rei is located beneath a valley with many mountains around it, making the weather warmer in the summer and colder in the winter. Below, the average temperatures through the seasons.


Dec/Jan/Feb – Max: 82,4ºF Min: 66,2ºF

Mar/April/May –  Max: 82,4ºF Min: 60ºF

Jun/Jul/Aug –  Max: 77ºF Min: 52,88ºF

Sep/Oct/Nov –  Max: 81,5ºF Min: 62,6ºF


Taxi and Motorcycle Taxi Services

As a small city, with less than 100 000 inhabitants, it’s common in São João del Rei to take taxis around the city, due the difficulties in the public transportation. Below some taxi and motorcycle taxi services.


Taxi Avenida (downtown): +55 (32) 3371-2777

Taxi at the city Bus Station (Fábricas neighborhood): +55 (32) 3371-5416

Taxi Terminal Turístico (downtown): +55 (32) 3371-4677


The motorcycle transportation is often used in a moment of hurry, it’s cheaper and faster than a regular cab.

Brasil Motorcycle taxi: +55 (32) 3371-5454




Santa casa da Misericórdia

Address: Avenue Tiradentes, 289.  Downtown.

Telephone: +55 (32) 3379-2000


Bars and Restaurants


Restaurante Pelourinho

Address: Avenue Hermílio Alves, 276. Downtown.

Info: Typical culinary.


Alambique Botequim

Address: Avenue Tiradentes, 807. Downtown.

Info: Bar, steakhouse and show house.


Bar e Choperia Carro de Boi

Address: Avenida Tiradentes, 805. Downtown.

Info: Bar



Address: Marechal Bittencourt (Cachaça street /Rua da Cachaça), 15 – Downtown.

Info: Live Music house.


Restaurante Dedo de Moça

Address: Aureliano Mourão, 101. Downtown.

Info: Typical food restaurant.


Del Rei Café

Address: Avenue Tiradentes, 553. Downtown.



Places to visit


ReservaNaturalCala Boca


Waterfall Cala Boca – Natural reserve (Cachoeira Cala Boca – Reserva Natural)

Address: Highway – Miguel Batista BR-265 Km 58 -Countryside (Zona Rural). Postal Code – 36300-000.






São Francisco de Assis Church (Igreja São Francisco de Assis)

Address: Square Frei Orlando, 150. Downtown. Postal Code 36307-352.


Regional Museum of São João del Rei (Museu Regional de São João Del Rei)

Address: Rua Marechal Deodoro, 12. Downtown. Postal Code – 36300-074.



Cultural Winter at UFSJ

Date: From 20 to 30 of July

Cultural Center UFSJ (Centro Cultural UFSJ)

Address: Praça Dr. Augusto das Chagas Viegas, 17, Centro

Phone number: +55 (32) 3379-2503

E-mail: invernocultural@ufsj.edu.br



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