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Storytelling: American Austin Tacker

Austin is a 28 years old American that has been involved with social work for youth in Seattle, WA, for more than three years. In November he came to Rio de Janeiro to be a volunteer at the Solar Meninos de Luz, a NGO that promotes education, culture and sports to children in two communities in Rio. 


We interviewed Austin and he told us about his first impressions of Brazil:


Be: Why did you choose to come to Brazil for an exchange program?

Because of Brazilian culture, people, food and music. I was inspired by other Brazilian students that I met in United States.

Be: What is the main reason you choose to go on exchange?

I have a great level of respect for volunteering and the development of children.



Be: What are your goals with this experience? If we met at the end of your stay, which achievements would you like to tell your friends you had.

To learn as much as possible about Rio and Brazil and to see if it can impact my life back then. How much day to day life style choices we take for granted in the U.S.A.

Be: How do you feel today that you are starting this experience? Can you describe your feelings?

I’m feeling ebb & flow as the days progress. At first I felt tired most of the time because everything around me is new, but I’m feeling excited, humble, cautious, outgoing and open minded.

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