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Storytelling: Stephen Bent from USA
intern in Brazil

Stephen Bent is an American student of Civil Engineering who’s interested in projects and construction of installations for highways, bridges and airports. He considers himself a very cultured person because he has lived in Mexico for seven years and nowadays he lives away from home.  He will be an intern at SENAI, the national service for industrial training, where he will be involved with building technology area.


We met Stephen to know more about his first impressions about Brazil. Here you can check our interview with him:



Be: Why did you choose to come to Brazil for an exchange program?

To gain knowledge about Brazilian Culture and learn Portuguese.



Be: What is the main reason you choose to go on exchange?

To gain experience in a different culture. To travel to new places and to become more open minded.



Be: What are your goals with this experience? If we met at the end of your stay, which achievements would you like to tell your friends you had.

To gain knowledge for my professional career in civil engineering and to have learned Portuguese also to travel as much as I can, and become more open minded.



Be: How do you feel today that you are starting this experience?

I feel very excited to be here. I am exalted to be able to experience new things in a different culture.

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