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Why Study Abroad?

When you think about being an exchange student it’s only natural to feel apprehensive of the changes and challenges that are ahead, that’s why it’s important to understand the benefits of studying in a different country. Brazilian Experience invites you to take a look at the benefits and why doing an exchange program  can be a truly life-changing experience.


Advantages of Studying Abroad

  • Professional Career – Professionally speaking, it’s imperative to remember that we live in a globalized world. Subsequently, it is only fair that companies look for potential employees that are globally competent. Nowadays, many students graduate without any experiences abroad as a part of their education. The experience of an education in a different country will set you apart not only because of the additional language, but the knowledge of being able to integrate into a new environment and adapt. These abilities will set you apart from the majority.
  • Development of Leadership Skills – Moreover, Study abroad programs are an effective apparatus for students to develop new skills in a expedited way, because they are placed into different situations and are taken out of their comfort zone.  Exchange students learning a new language, college/high school education, or work setting have to adapt to a new culture that include daily activities from knowing the correct pronunciation to the cultural norms. Furthermore, building future leaders who will be able to adapt and respond in a social conscious and sensible worldview.
  • Make New Friends Without Losing the Old Ones – Following this idea but looking at the interpersonal aspects. One of the biggest fears that come to mind is losing your friends and being far out of the loop when you return. But again, it’s important to remember that we live in a globalized world. Social media and technology allow us to keep in touch with life back home. Also, remember that this experience is about opening your mind to new things.
  • Connect with People from Different Cultures – You will see that no matter where you are from and how different your life style, studying abroad is the best opportunity to make new friends and enjoy different experiences with them. We believe that the cross cultural experience enables people from all around the world to meet and by that, they can understand their own differences better, appreciate other cultures and learn to like and respect all.
  • Learn a New Language Quickly – Study abroad is the best way to learn a new language considering that you will be immersed in a different place with people who only speak a foreign language. The daily routine will push yourself to learn and speak the other language, and unconsciously you will be able to learn in months what a course of languages in your country of origin would take years.
  • Opportunity to travel and live out of your routine – Just like any other school or work place you will have days off and the during these days you will have opportunities to travel and visit many different places considering if you stayed back home you wouldn’t be able because of the considerable distance. Every week can bring a new experience and memorable moments.
  • Increase the value of your degree: Studying abroad will allow you to develop many skills that can only be learned through an international experience.  Businesses and employers value and look for people with wide-ranging worldviews, experiences, and skills like: proactivity, flexibility, independence and many others that an exchange program can provide.


So, what are you waiting for? One of the best ways to grow yourself, is by exposing yourself into the chasm of differences is by getting to know another culture first-hand, learn a new language, and build that bridge. By studying abroad you will be able to do it all. That’s why Brazilian Experience has many programs for you to experience in one of the most exciting countries in the world: Brazil. Get in touch with us today! 


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I want to say thank you to everyone at Criadouro. You have made my time here unforgettable, it was a wonderful experience! Coming to Brazil in this project was one of the best decisions I’ve made, one month helping to make animals better, without a doubt, is the kind of mission I admire, as well as the hard work of all of you and the motivation so strong that you have to do it every day.

I wish I could stay a lot longer, I loved working here! This experience exceeded my expectations and I will remember it with care. No doubt I want to go back and gather all the special moments of this month! “


Gabriela Gonzalez, volunteer at the Wildlife Sanctuary in 2017


Overall my experience with Brazilian Experience was wonderful. It was a life changing adventure that I will remember and cherish for a lifetime. The company they placed me in was great, and their guidance throughout the trip was very helpful and useful. […]

Everything worked out in the end, but my advice would tell people that they will need to travel for a visa more than a couple weeks before their planned trip.


To see Jake full testimonial visit GoAbroad site.

Jacob Recoon, intern at Sioux in 2017
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