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Andrea Rosario, intern at EMFAL in 2017

I loved my experience in Brazil! Not only I was able to get hands-on experience in my field, but I also got to know different places, food, and culture! […]

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Michael Mejia, intern at IBEG in 2017

“Yes I am liking my job here at IBEG and getting to know the team has been a blast. Lots of work has already been given to me, but […]

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Brett Brorman, intern at TECMEC in 2017

Brazilian Experience provided an excellent opportunity to gain valuable work experience through an international internship. They were extremely kind and had answers to all of my questions.They placed me […]

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Jacob Recoon, intern at Sioux in 2017

Overall my experience with Brazilian Experience was wonderful. It was a life changing adventure that I will remember and cherish for a lifetime. The company they placed me in […]

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Molly Burbridge, volunteer at the Wildlife Sanctuary in 2017

Thank you so much for the experience! Every day I learned something new! I loved working with different animals and I have a space in my heart for each […]

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