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Daniel Wamwiri, intern at TECMEC in 2017

I enjoyed my time here. I gained a lot of relevant work experience, but I also met a lot of very cool people, ate great food, and got to […]

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Stefania Chirico, intern at Lactec in 2017

It opened my mind. Now I am able to understand people more. The best thing was the people I met. I will need to visit Brazil again.

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Alexandra Araya Mendez, volunteer at Wildlife Rescue Center in 2015

  […] Searching on the internet I found the program of Brazilian Experience and I knew it was the one. I was very afraid because it was a month […]

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Brett Brorman, intern at TECMEC in 2017

Brazilian Experience provided an excellent opportunity to gain valuable work experience through an international internship. They were extremely kind and had answers to all of my questions.They placed me […]

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Curitiba and its three main sightseeing

The American CNN posted recently a list of the twenty most beautiful places to travel around Brazil. Three of those destinations were in Curitiba, the capital of Paraná, where […]

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