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Keep the homesickness under control!

If you are traveling soon, it’s possible that you are feeling a lot of excitement for the new experience and idealizing it, but, while abroad, besides discovering different things, […]

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Emilie with her host mom
Emelie Hägglöf tell us about her experience in Brazil

The Swedish sociologist, Emelie, was in Rio de Janeiro to work as a volunteer at Solar Meninos de Luz,  a NGO that promotes education, culture and sports to children […]

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The Swedish Sabrina Nikolov tell us about her experience in Brazil

The Swedish Sabrina Nikolov chose Brazil to be her first destination abroad! The 27 years old teacher believes that without education, you cannot go anywhere and that is why […]

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The Canadian Raquelle and the American Victoria
The Canadian Raquelle Le Grand tell us about her experience in Brazil

Raquelle Le Grand is a Canadian student of Social Work in the Netherlands. The student was interested in learning more about Brazilian culture, language and social work system. She […]

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The American Victoria Baron tell us about her experience in Brazil

Victoria Baron is an American Student of Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability (EEDS) that is interested in how nonprofit organizations work towards ensuring a viable future. She participated of our […]

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