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Teach English or Spanish in Brazil

In Brazil, mainly professionally, it is very important to have a second language, considering that the world is becoming increasingly interconnected through many areas. Knowing a second language in a country like Brazil that receives around 6 million foreign tourists per year, both for leisure and for business, it is no longer a differential.

With that in mind, most children start learning English in school, where this language is now compulsory, since it is the most popular language in the world. Even in screening tests to enter the universities here in Brazil, you have to know basic English or Spanish to answer some of the questions. Unfortunately, the teaching in schools is not very effective when it comes to a foreign language, specially in the public schools. Because of that, many parents look for private language schools for their children and those who do not identify with the English or even look for a third option as differential, usually opt for Spanish which predominates in Latin America. That is why some Brazilian families see as a great opportunity to have a foreigner at their home. Which gives you an opportunity to meet someone new, learn about their culture, share a little bit of Brazil, and most importantly, learn and practice another language by the best and easiest way, which is being in touch with a fluent speaker.

On the other hand, teaching English or Spanish at a social project will give you another perspective of Brazil. It is meant for those who want to experience an exchange program and also look for  volunteer activity. As mentioned before, the teaching in public schools is not good enough for the children to learn sufficient the language. Because of this, many teens loose job opportunities and vacancies in universities. Teaching English in Brazil is a chance to help make a difference in many Brazilians’ lives.

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Caroliina Lauriala


Don´t give up if in the beginning there are some difficult moments that you don´t understand. Things are not always so easy but just don´t give up and if you start thinking more deeply and go into the local culture you´ll understand more, then you´ll have the best time of your life!

Caroliina Lauriala, Finnish, Intern from 2015
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