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Adriana Merini – Familia Anfitriã


Having an exchange student is very rewarding, you can exchange rich experiences, have fun and learn. Share your space with someone unknown may seem odd at first, but this relationship of friendship, which happens along, makes it natural and lasting. It’s great to contribute to the knowledge of someone and this experience, it is rewarding for everyone. We loved having Felix in our house and I’m sure he will have good memories of the times we spent together. He left a little bit of Australia here in my house and his also taking with him a little bit of warmth, of fun and good humor from Brazil.

Adriana Merini, Host Family
Mauriceia – Família Anfitriã


Having lovely Alice hosted in our home was very special! It was always possible to understand each other even with the challenge of the language and complicated dialogues. A sweet girl and very strong. A daughter of the heart, forever! I hope that ​​the experience was so fruitful and happy for her as it was for us. I hope she carries from Brazil the best of what she saw here, because the best from Australia she showed us with her education and respect. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity that, without leaving Brazil, we could learn a lot about how good it is to live with another culture. And I must say how beautiful was the card she left, ‘MY FAMILY’, that´s how she started… Thank you!

Mauriceia, Host Family
Eneida Neves da Rocha, Família Anfitriã


Daniel is leaving and we are getting sad… I have been feeling it already. It was a wonderful experience to have him here. He is dear friend, a great son, brother and an excellent man. He is a rare human being, but that’s life, right? Our children need to have wings and leave the nest (laughs). I’m getting ready for that… We were concerned before his arrival: a lot of expectations, so many doubts… And now we are sad because our dear friend is leaving! But as you know, he´ll be back at the end of the year for the wedding, a sign that the friendship is really sincere. And again, he will be welcome!

Eneida Neves da Rocha, Host Family
Sylvia Guazzelli, família anfitriã


Host an exchange student was a very good experience and showed us that, regardless of culture and the country, the basic values ​​such as education, respect and collaboration are the key to a pleasant coexistence. I was lucky to have chosen Catherine, because it created a friendship between us three. She left ‘saudade’. My daughter also liked it and realized that speaking English is very important.

Sylvia Guazzelli, Host Family
Solange França – Família Anfitriã


For us it was very special, because we got to know a wonderful person that became part of our family. We have gained a daughter and a new sister for our children. The communication was perfect because she speaks Spanish and it helped a lot. We got to know a person from a different culture, with different habits that could adapt very well to our reality and to our family. I can say that we also participated of an exchange program without even leaving home.

Solange França, Host Family
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