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Ashley Dunham


Dear Be, you have forever changed my life and will forever be a part of my heart and soul! More than anything I want to come back to Brazil to live and to work! Thank you so much and please do not lose touch with us! In such a short time you have helped me fall in love with this country. I miss you all! The colors in life look more brilliant and beautiful than they ever have before thank to you! My life is forever more vibrant thanks to you and this amazing experience! I will hold on to these memories forever! Thank you for the bottom depths of my heart and soul!

Ashley Dunham, American, Social Work Student, NMC in 2015


Wow, what an experience! Traveling to Brazil has been the time of my life. This is a trip of a lifetime, one I will never forget. I will carry these memories with me forever. Thank you Brazilian Experience!

Cheyann Stevens, American, Social Work Student, NMC in 2015
Sydney Wendels


Going to the island was my favorite part. They were all so loving and welcoming. And I loved how we had time to play with the kids.

Sydney Wendels, American, Social Work Student, NMC in 2015
Elizabeth Redman


Where do I even start? The minute I made eye contact with the staff, after stepping off the plane, was pure happiness! The experience I had with this company was well, beyond words. I truly cannot thank you guys enough! This experience was mind blowing and one I hope to never forget! Thank you so much!

Elizabeth Redman, American, Social Work Student, NMC in 2015
Tanisha Jaynes


Going into the village (São Miguel) was an experience I’ll never forget! Comming to Brazil I didn’t know what to expect. I was completely unaware of the challenges and love were about to receive, this trip to Brazil only makes me want more. Love you Brazil!

Tanisha Jaynes, American, Social Work Student, NMC in 2015
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