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Overall my experience with Brazilian Experience was wonderful. It was a life changing adventure that I will remember and cherish for a lifetime. The company they placed me in was great, and their guidance throughout the trip was very helpful and useful. […]

Everything worked out in the end, but my advice would tell people that they will need to travel for a visa more than a couple weeks before their planned trip.


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Jacob Recoon, intern at Sioux in 2017


I spent about 4 months in Curitiba, Brazil with the most amazing Brazilian host family, who soon became a second family to me. I was given the opportunity to intern at a Brazilian company and to interact with Brazilians while learning cultural differences through being immersed in the job culture. […]I was able to travel throughout the country and visit beautiful places.

Overall, my experience in Brazil remains one of the best memories that I have had in my life. […] If I could, I would do it over and over again.”

Stephanie, intern at CIN – FIEPPR in 2012
israelatcoemjr (2)


I loved it. This was a really great way to open my mind and grow as a person. I lived with a great family that was very supportive and the work environment was very welcoming despite the language barrier. Overall I wish I could experience this again from the beginning and this motivates me to go beyond the limit.







Picture by CoemJr

Israel Ruiz, intern in 2017 at CoemJr


Brazil is full of wonderful people, beautiful street art, and several beautiful parks. If you are wanting to travel abroad I strongly suggest this program and this city. […] Curitiba has a very big night life as well, and I definitely suggest going out and experiencing some of their bars and clubs. There are several cities close by that you can travel to, and a beach just one hour away.


I had a great experience in Curitiba. I interned for a company called Institutos Lactec  where I researched acoustic emissions, and wrote a multivariable Matlab code that returned the exact source location of any acoustic emission. […] Because of this internship I have gained a new interest in mechanical engineering that opens completely new job opportunities for me in the future.


I also learned a lot of the Portuguese language. I do not speak it well, but I am able to read and write a lot of the language. […] The best part of my international experience were the friendships I made. I lived with a huge, and kind host family who only spoke Portuguese, but that did not get in the way of us becoming close to one another. They treated me like family, and in return they feel like family to me. […]


While I was in Brazil, I also got to travel to a couple other cities – Rio de Janeiro, and Foz do Iguacu. I swam in the ocean while in Rio, and while in Foz do Iguacu I visited Parque Das Aves – a beautiful bird sanctuary. […] Iguaçu Falls is the most breathtaking place I have ever seen. I spent eight hours hiking through beautiful waterfalls, and getting to see adorable wildlife. While in Curitiba I was able to visit several parks, including a Ukrainian memorial park, and I even got to stand just a couple feet away from a hundred to hundred and fifty pound, wild rodent – the capybara (Capivara). I had an intense cultural experience that I am absolutely grateful for.


The program coordinators are caring, and friendly. They go out of their way to ensure you are enjoying your time there, and that you feel safe and comfortable there. They have events every week so there is always something to do and if you have any questions or concerns you can drop by the office or send them a text.
[…] This international experience to Brazil has changed me for the better. Life feels brighter, and happier. I no longer take the small things for granted, and I always remember to tell my family and friends how much I care for them. Brazil is full of wonderful people and if you are wanting to travel abroad I strongly suggest this program and this city.




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Bobbie Nettle, intern at Lactec in 2017


Overall, this experience can’t do anything but improve people’s perspective in life. It is such a different way of life that it makes you appreciate the things that actually matter. 

Juan Gallaga, intern at Lactec in 2017
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