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I feel I have learned important skills for my career as a teacher, especially on science education, research and intercultural competence. I have also learned a lot about Brazilian culture.

Heidi Keränen, Finnish, Intern in 2016


I loved my time here in Brazil. I’ve meet some great people here that I am happy to call my friends. My host family was amazing and very helpful, and I’ll definitely be meeting them again. The food here is delicious and the weather super nice most of the time. I love how friendly people are here in Brazil and the atmosphere in general. My volunteering experience was even better than I had hoped for, despite the language barrier. My lovely ladies at the children care house have all my love and respect for what they do.

Ása Hannibalsdúttir, Iceland, volunteer in 2016


Brazil pushed me out of my comfort zone and provided the perfect place for me to grow both as a person and as a professional. I’m a more independent person and I feel ready to continue my adventures throughout the world. The lessons I learned here about myself I will carry forever!

Brittney Richter, American, volunteer in 2016


I really enjoyed my 4 weeks in Curitiba especially with my host family, the kids and staffs I worked with, the other interns and the local staffs/coordinator I have met. I think the best thing to me is to get to know these people and spend a quality time with them even though it was a short period of time, it was one of the best.

Nattida Pupunwiwat, Thailand, volunteer in 2016
jose mizael


This is our first experience with exchange students and I must say that it was really beneficial for us. Jose’s arrival at this moment has been very positive in face of the latest changes in the company.

Perfilados Belém received the Mexican Jose Mizael, 2016
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