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lucynda schferr


“Dear Brazilian Experience, I want to thank you guys for this partnership, the exchange students we have been receiving at ELO are very lovely and full of willingness to learn and to share. Thank you so much!”

ELO Apoio Social e Ambiental received the American Lucynda Scheffer, 2016
peru juan


“We are extremely satisfied with Juan, both for his disposition and for his abilities (…) It was a perfect Match, we are very pleased for having him here and we also notice that he is very satisfied for working at Já Entendi. Thank you guys!”

Já Entendi received the Peruvian Juan, 2016


Heidi has helped us a lot in many different activities. We developed a program through a partnership with SESI school, that will show a relation between Heidi’s education with our business. The goal of it was to create a program where she could bring her own experiences and at the same time, learn how we work here. Heidi has helped us with many other things as well. Things such as our everyday tasks at CIFAL, like the organization of our events, structuring projects that were developed (…) I think that is very rewarding to have exchange students working here, because with them, we can re-think about our intern processes, we can learn with them and naturally. It is beneficial for both parts.

CIFAL received the Finnish Heidi Maria Keränen, 2016
elisa martinez


We spent lovely days with a sweet, kind, polite, happy girl that somehow brighten our days. We shared stories, talks, culture exchanges and food preferences with everybody. We also talked about serious subjects such as punctuality and commitment, qualities that the young Elisa has. We would like to use this opportunity to thank Elisa and Brazilian Experience.

Lar Dona Vera received the Colombian Elisa Martinez, 2016


The highlight of my experience was   Asid, Favela tour, Banco do Brasil and Volvo

Jordan Powers, American, Faculty-Led Program, UCO 2016
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