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Thanks to Brazilian Experience I had a great experience. Living the culture through friends, colleagues at work, and people which you can know in whatever place you can go in the city.


I did this internship during my vacations of my MBA program. […] Finally, thanks to Brazilian Experience, I prepared the baggage for visit Curitiba – Brazil.


At the beginning, I was excited to know Brazilian people. The happiness and confidence values which are knowing for citizens in the country. […]  There are a lot of things to do, just you need to be clear your target plan. For example, in my case, I like to visit parks, museums, library, read books and research about the history of the city and the great architecture buildings there. As I said, you can find all you want, just need to search or, more important, ask people like supervisors or managers of Brazilian Experience they were great partners and supporting my request during my travel.


Finally, I really recommend this program. Brazilian Experience is a good company which supports in any requirement and the most important for me, is because I really knew great, lovely and professional people who you can establish a friendship for all your life. Thanks a lot.



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Juan Alexander Chacón Granados, intern in 2016 at Já Entendi


I had a great time on my trip to Curitiba, Brazil. My internship was awesome and directly related to my major and is going to help me a lot in my next semester at school. I still keep in touch with so many of the awesome people I met in Brazil and I miss it so much. Rafaela, Thaís and Sarah were all so sweet and helped me with everything I asked! They went beyond that too and invited me and other interns to social events.

The city was beautiful and I never felt threatened or unsafe and the public transportation was really easy to use once you understand it.


Overall, my trip was just the best and I can’t wait to go visit again!

Spenser Kinsman, intern at SENAI CIC in 2017



I truly learned to become more independent and learned to love Brazilian culture!

I completely immersed myself in a loving country with loving people!


The program coordinators were great and very caring!

Jaqueline Martinez, intern at Bel Pan in 2016



I have always been interested in living abroad and learning foreign languages. During my undergraduate studies, I majored in Global Affairs, with concentrations in both Global Governance and Latin American studies. Given my interest in learning Portuguese and my desire to obtain experience in international business, I decided to apply to study abroad in Curitiba through the Brazilian Experience program. The program was brand new for my university (George Mason) when I had applied, and myself along with another student were the first from Mason to go to Curitiba as part of the program.


For housing, I was placed with two brothers (Everson and Helerton) in their 20s who lived in an apartment in a nice neighborhood, about a 20 minutes bus ride from the city center. I got along very well with both host brothers, and they showed me around the neighborhood and how the bus system works to get around the city. One of the host brothers spoke English, so getting settled was very easy, and after a few weeks, I was able to practice Portuguese with them.


The program began with a two-week intensive Portuguese class, and given that there were only two of us doing the program at the time, we received a very hands-on learning experience. Our professor, Dani, did a great job of preparing us before our internships started! After our internships began, we would meet once a week. The language school was in the downtown area and only about a 15 minute bus ride from my host brothers’ apartment. I was placed into an internship with Hraifa Logistica, a small international import/export business. The placement was exactly what I was looking for when I had applied, and I really enjoyed interning with Hraifa. I had not had any professional work experience prior to the internship, so I wanted a placement that would give me a chance to try out a form of international business and see how I liked it.


The head of the program, Rafaela did a great job of making sure I was settled in both my homestay and the internship. No one in the office spoke English, so at first the task was a bit intimidating; however, the experience really pushed me to develop my Portuguese skills, and in the end was much more rewarding for that reason. My supervisor, Ailton was extremely welcoming and would always take the time to explain different aspects of the business, show me around the area, and would always get lunch with me each day, to make sure I was enjoying my time there and getting the most out of the internship.


Following the completion of my undergraduate studies, I began looking for jobs where I could utilize my Portuguese language skills and gain more experience in the private sector. I ended up applying for a research analyst position for the Brazilian financial markets in New York City. I was interviewed for the position in both English and Portuguese and received an offer from the company. I spent 2.5 years working there, and on a daily basis, I was required to read, write, and speak Portuguese. I decided to relocate to the Washington, D.C. area, and obtained a position working as a Corporate Governance Research Associate for the Brazilian and Latin American Markets, where I utilize my Portuguese language skills on a daily basis as well.


Without the experience and knowledge obtained through the Brazilian Experience program, I would have never been able to achieve the success that I have been able to in my career. I highly recommend their internship program. I could not have imagined a better experience!

John Reidy, intern at Hraifa Logística Internacional in 2011
study abroad picture


My experience was great. My favorite part was the opportunity to embrace the culture and see what it is truly like to live with a Brazilian family. I made friends that I will stay in touch with for the rest of my life. I also got to experience how it is working in the research field.

Cody Campsey, Intern at FAUF – Fundação de Apoio à Universidade Federal de São João Del Rei in 2017
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