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Volunteer Abroad

There are countless reasons why you should consider volunteering abroad. Typically the goal of individuals going abroad is to learn a new language, explore new places and meet new people, these goals function also as their main motivators for an exchange program.


Volunteering abroad programs are an excellent option. It offers the best of both worlds, it is an opportunity to make new friends and experience different cultures through your daily work of improving life of others in their communities. The name for this 21st century new wave of travel and simultaneously making a positive impact in the community is referred to as voluntourism. Promoting global citizenship and development in emerging economies.


While some travellers expect their abroad experience to focus on studies, parties, and travelling. Volunteering abroad are for those who seek something more meaningful and at the same time contributing to a worthy cause.


Just like any other study abroad program, volunteering abroad allows participants to evolve in many ways and develop personal and professional skills. Living and working out of your comfort zone, pushes you to embrace new challenges.


It is surprising what volunteers can achieve and learn in a different environment; Independence, organization, self-confidence, patience, ability to understand and respect differences between cultures. Ultimately, volunteering allows individuals to build a values and principles core to any professional career.


In addition, volunteer abroad work experience will give you the opportunity to learn about yourself. You will realize that you can do more than you ever thought you were capable of, you start to appreciate more what life has given to you and how great it feels, and see a tangible change that can be made in the world or in someone else’s life. It is incredible how in the end of the program you will be able to notice the changes you have made for others and reflections of your experiences.


Brazilian Experience’s specially designed volunteer programs are shaped to the best ability to match each individual with a program best fitted for them. Right now, Brazilian Experience offers 4 different volunteer projects in three cities: Curitiba and Florianópolis. Volunteers might join the program from 2 to 12 weeks.


Volunteer in Brazil

Brazil offers a lot of opportunities for you who are willing to come to another country to help out the one’s in need. Volunteering is not solely about work, it gives you a chance to make new traditions, experience a new culture, see new sights and feel a new atmosphere. Volunteering in Brazil through Brazilian Experience gives you a chance to safely engage in volunteering activities, while being able to adapt to a new country.


Brazil has a lot of undeveloped communities with impoverished children. There are several organizations working to improve their life conditions. These organisations could benefit from a range of students in different fields; e.g. education, social, health care, arts, history, business, psychology and sociology, just to mention a few. An organization might need help with entertaining children, giving healthcare, advertisement, fundraising, teaching the society, tackling social issues, tackling environmental issues, research etc.


Volunteering in Brazil, in whichever field you find suits you the best, is an amazing experience. Seeing things you would not ordinary see, being able to do things that actually benefit someone else, the sensation of understanding how much you get from giving is immeasurable. We welcome you to volunteer in Brazil, where you have a chance to make the world a little bit more beautiful by giving a hand and making someone’s day better.


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Gabriela Gonzalez, volunteer at the Wildlife Sanctuary in 2017
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