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About Florianópolis

The natural beauties of Florianópolis attract thousands of visitors each year. Especially in the summer, Brazilians and natives from other South American countries – such as Argentineans, Uruguayans and Chileans – seek the diversity of the Santa Catarina coastline. On the island, side by side, the most varied types of beaches can be found – long ones, with large strips of sand; small ones, embedded in backwaters; with strong waves; and ones with calm waters, resembling lagoons; urban beaches full of bathers; and deserted beaches, with access by trail only. It is a paradise for surf, windsurf, sail, and fishing enthusiasts.


The Northern and Central regions of Florianopolis are the most sought after by tourists and offer a complete infrastructure of services, resorts, hotels, and lodges. Further south, some districts also preserve their countryside village identity, and the heritage left by their ancestors (who came from the Portuguese archipelago of Azores during the 18th century) is noticeable in their manner of speaking, handicraft activities, and typical feasts.

On the other hand, the city has taken on a cosmopolitan air with the arrival of Brazilians from other states and foreigners who settled there. The island, which in the beginning of the colonization period, was an important whale hunting centre, is today the technological pole of the IT industry. About 300 000 people currently inhabit Florianopolis, the state capital with interest to tourism, and that number triples every summer.

Florianopolis at a glance

Florianopolis has been claimed to be the best place to live in Brazil, 42 beaches within an hour of each other, amazing nature and 17th century architecture cannot argue with that. Florianopolis is based on the beautiful island of Santa Catarina, connected to the mainland through bridges, which also work as landmarks for the city. The well known Herlicio Luz Bridge is familiar form several postcards around town.

Florianopolis is within an easy reach from the mainland by bus or car, and the local airport has daily international arrivals, which makes coming and going to this amazing island easy. The island is known to be a surfer’s paradise, and comes with a variety of watersports. Tanning, dancing samba until early morning or having amazing seafood are all benefits of Floripo. The nature is outstanding and will not leave anyone cold.

City highlights

Surfing is one of the main activities on the island, and there are lots of surf resorts on the different beaches. Watersports do not limit to surfing, there is much choice for the eager. If nature is your thing, then Floripo offers outstanding opportunities for hiking. Popular trails are Lagoinha do Leste or hiking the Barra de Lagoa.
When the sand seems to be everywhere and your skin cannot handle the sea anymore, the center of Florianopolis is a worthwhile visit. The 17th century architecture makes you stroll through every tiny alley you find, and the multiple cafés keep you nourished throughout the day. On Praça XV de Novembro, XV Novembro Square, is the famous Figueira Centeira, a century old fig tree, which gives perfect shade for bypassers. The square is a popular spot for the locals to hang out on and is a common host for markets and events. The square is surrounded by the History Museum of Santa Catarina and the Metropolitan Cathedral, and provide culture and history for the ones interested.


Floripa’s humid subtropical climate keeps the island warm and sunny year round, which is why it is such a popular destination. The temperature remains quite even throughout the year, with only a 8°C (46°F) difference between summer and winter. Both sunshine and rainfall are common year round, so be prepared with both sunscreen and an umbrella.


The summer in Floripo can be described as humid and muggy, with the temperature ranging from the night’s 21°C (70°F) to the daily high of 28°C (82°F). The moist weather might feel a bit uncomfortable, which is why autumn is considered a more pleasant time to visit the island. The autumn weather in March to May is still warm, going up to 27°C (80°F) and cooling down to 15°C (59°F) in the night. Less rain than in the summer makes autumn a popular time to head for the beach.

Winter, June to August, is the best time for surfing with the waves swelling up and the warm temperature. Nights in the winter tend to get quite chilly, down to 12°C (53°F), but the daytime temperature stays at a comfortable 20°C (68°F). The spring in Floripo provides steady winds, and is considered the best time for windsurfing. Spring is an optimal time to visit the island for anyone who loves animals and nature, since arctic right whales come to the island to give birth.


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