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  • How long does it take to complete my program application? How long before the arrival date should I complete it?

The program application is very simple. It contains information about you, your travel, work experience and goals. You should also include at least 3 pictures to give us an idea of your life style (pictures with family, friends and things you like to do).


The application deadline for the volunteer program is two months before your arrival, but if you have decided to travel in less than  the allotted time we will do our best to accommodate you


Once we receive the paperwork we will send you the program invoice and upon payment we will start working on your placement to find a suitable host family and have everything organized for your arrival. You should expect to receive your placement information two weeks prior to your departure. However, if you applied in less than two months before your arrival we will provide the information latest upon your arrival.


  • What is included in the Brazilian Experience volunteer program and what is my responsibility?

Program inclusions:

  •       Airport pick up and transfer
  •       Home stay accommodation with breakfast and dinner
  •       Arrival orientation
  •       Project orientation
  •       Donation to the project where you will work
  •       Full time support from our on-site local coordinator


The program does not include:

– Travel to and from Brazil

– Domestic flights within Brazil and weekend trips

– Local transportation

– Visa fees, when applicable

– Travel Medical Insurance

– Pocket Money


  • Will I get a certificated for the program?

Volunteers will get a certificate of participation at the end of the program.


  • Do I need to be a certain age to participate on the volunteer projects?

Yes, students have to be 18 years old or older to participate in the volunteer program.


  • What will happen if I have a problem during my exchange program? Will I have any type of support?

You will have all the support and help  you need. You will have access to a 24-hours emergency number for any support. Contact us anytime, our upmost important duty is to ensure your safety and that you have pleasant time.


  • Do I need to be enrolled at a college or university to do the volunteer program?

To participate at any of the volunteer projects you do not have to be enrolled at a college or university.


  • Do all the volunteer projects include home stay?

Not all the volunteer projects include host families, a few offer dorms for participants.


  • How much money should I bring? How do I deal with my banking while I am in Brazil?

You should not bring much cash. Brazil has many banks that accept international cards and virtually all businesses accept international cards also. It is best for you to come with 50-70 Reals for your initial arrival.


  • Why do I have to pay to volunteer abroad?

Frequently asked among travelers, understandable as you are donating your time and energy.

Lets dissect this through an example: how much does it cost for you to buy lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers? It is cheaper than eating a salad at a restaurant, right? If you eat out, you will never pay the same amount compared to when you prepare your own meal with ingredients bought at a supermarket. In the restaurant there is someone cooking and serving for you? In addition, there are many hidden costs that are not mentioned, such as rent, insurance costs, marketing

It will be cheaper to travel to a foreign country with an organization that handles most of the details than it would be if you tried to do it on your own. That is the service we specialize in and it involves several hidden costs. The program fee covers airport pick-up service, home stay, meals, donation to support the project, arrival orientation and 24-hour emergency support.

Volunteering abroad is an immeasurable way of getting immersed in a new culture and getting involved with local communities you would probably not be able to experience as a tourist. You will visit places, meet new people, learn a new language and most importantly make a positive impact.


  • Why volunteer with Brazilian experience?

We work for your experience. Brazilian Experience loves and is connected to Brazil, the cultural exchange and committed to provide projects that are making a positive impact in the community. We believe that as an exchange program we are connecting people from all over the world. All individuals not only participants, staff, and project partners become knowledgeable about the world and learn to respect others through the exchange. By sharing experiences and becoming closer to other individuals we are able to participate in a global exchange of ideas. We want to allow you to be a part of this and have the best time in Brazil.


  • Is it possible to volunteer as a group?

Yes! It is possible to volunteer as a group. In fact, that is a great way to have a different, special and memorable experience with your friends.  It is an opportunity to work with your friends, make a difference and a positive impact with the volunteer program, while travelling and getting to know Brazil as a group. Just do not forget that, a volunteer program is a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.


  • Do I need specific qualifications to volunteer abroad?

You do not need any specific qualifications. The volunteer program simply expects people who are open to assist the project and enjoy the experience.


  • Will I be working with other volunteers?

Yes, you will be working with other volunteers. Most of them are permanent staff, whom are Brazilians. But you may also work with other foreigners since the projects have more than one job opening for the volunteering program.


Do I need to be able to speak Portuguese to volunteer in Brazil?

Knowing Portuguese is not a requirement to participate in the volunteer program. Although we recommend you to have some Portuguese classes to help you get the most out of your experience.


  • Can I travel or visit other places during my free days?

All the volunteer projects have their own structured schedules, but during your free time you are able to travel and visit places. Most projects have a flexible schedule, and dates can be arranged with proper notice.


  • Can I volunteer just once or as many times as I want?

You can volunteer as many times as you want! Actually, we hope that you have such a great experience that you want to return again. You can volunteer for the same program and get a chance to meet again the friends you already made, or you can back for a different experience. Either way, you are very welcome!


  • When can I volunteer?

The volunteer program is open for enrollment year-round, but has specific start dates. The duration of the program is up to you, ranging from 2-12 weeks. Once you contact us we will confirm availability of the project you have chosen. Get in touch with us today to get more information, and start planning your volunteer abroad program in Brazil to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience!


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