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Community Center – Curitiba


A small act can have a big impact. In the Community Center  the volunteers strive to make children realize the potential that lies within them. The aim of this project is to make each person benefited by the project realize what role they have in the society, so that they can learn to achieve their dreams and goals. Through encouragement and support you can help change the lives of several children and work for a more equal future.

Our Partner Project

In 1997, a Physical Education teacher faced the reality of the families living in the neighbourhood called Portão in Curitiba. Touched by what he saw, he started promoting exercises, organizing walks, assisting people in need to seek medical help in the community and giving information about health care. In 2004, when his project could not just be informal anymore, the Associação Beneficente de Mãos Unidas (Holding Hands Charity Association) was officially created with the mission of promoting unity through charity, sharing and praying.

The volunteers are engaged in making each person, who is benefited by the project, realize what role they have in the society, so they can fight for their dreams and professional goals in a competent, fair and humane way. Volunteers will mainly be in activities with children in order to strengthen the bond between their families and society. Children and adolescents between 6 and 12 years old participate in this project. The goal is to make the youngsters recognize their potential to transform their reality into another, which is more equal and fraternal.

What are volunteers needed for?

Volunteer might have to deal with several different duties that vary from day to day. However, typically volunteers are needed for:

  • Promote recreational activities, such as playing with toys, promoting handicraft and art workshops
  • Teaching and helping with drawing and painting activities
  • Helping teachers with different workshops
  • Gardening, renovation and painting activities if necessary.
  • Volunteers are welcome to suggest different workshops according to their abilities.

Work Schedule

Volunteers normally work 6 hours a day. This way they can be in touch with the children both in the morning and in the afternoon.

What should volunteers expect?

  • A rewarding experience
  • The opportunity to bring happiness to needy children by simply giving them attention
  • The chance to make a volunteer contribution, earn references and a certificate
  • Opportunity to face a reality tourists do not see
  • The chance to experience the Brazilian culture while living with a host family.

What volunteers should NOT expect?

You should not expect close supervision while participating in the project. Volunteers are expected to be proactive and suggest activities to interact the children. Bare in mind, the working environment and style in Brazil may differ a lot from the one in your home country.

Extra Note

If you are interested in and eager to bring any items to the children, here are some ideas that would be useful:

  • English books
  • Language learning games
  • Any toys (dolls, little cars, educational toys, etc)
  • Colored pens, crayons and water paints
  • Any painting or drawing books.


Program Support

Brazilian Experience will support you during your whole program in Brazil. Volunteers will have our 24 hours emergency number should you need to contact us.

Accommodation and meals

Brazilian Experience organizes home stay placements. This type of accommodation allows students to have a deep cultural immersion. It´s also a great option for those willing to improve Portuguese skills.


Brazilian host families are open, nice and protective. Our families are carefully selected through an interview and house inspection.


The home stay placement includes breakfast and dinner only. Brazilians have a quite light breakfast such as bread, butter or cheese and a beverage such as coffee, milk chocolate, orange juice.


The main meal in Brazil is lunch but nowadays few families go home for lunch in between working hours on week days. On weekends it´s common to have late lunches on Sundays, sometimes they make barbecues with all the family (cousins, grandpas, etc).


Sometimes the family’s get together hour is at dinner time (quite late, usually after 8:00 pm). Some families have a rich meal at dinner, as lunch, and in other cases they just have a snack, being a sandwich or soup.

Accommodation includes one night before the start of the internship program date and includes one night after the end of the program.

Program requirements

Who should apply?

  • Personality: students should be mature, responsible, flexible and adaptable
  • At least 18 years-old
  • Minimum commitment: 2 weeks
  • Compassion and genuine interest in helping
  • Language skills: no previous knowledge of Portuguese is required, but reasonable English and/or Spanish knowledge is necessary. Portuguese is a plus and will allow you to get more tasks during your placement.


Necessary documents to apply

  • Complete online application form
  • Resume
  • One picture of yourself
  • Copy of your passport identification page


Note: The maximum number of volunteers the organization accepts is 2 per period. (Note: that we do not know if positions are available until you apply.)

Dates and fees

Month Arrival Dates National Public Holidays
January/2018 07/ jan 1 – New Years
February/2018 18/Feb 10 – 13 – Carnival
March/2018 04/mar 30 – Good Friday
April/2018 01/abr
May/2018 06/May May 1 – Labor Day / May 31 – Corpus Chri i
June/2018 03/jun
July/2018 01/jul
August/2018 05/Aug
September/2018 02/Sep Sep 7 – Independence Day
October/2018 30/Sep Oct 12 – Patron saint of Brazil
Nov 2 – Memorial Day
15 – Republic Proclamation
December/2018 25/nov Dec 25 – Christmas


What is included?

  • Pre-arrival orientation;
  • Airport pickup and transfer;
  • Arrival orientation and reflection sessions along the program period;
  • Welcome kit (Brazilian SIM card, bus card, city guide and more);
  • Volunteer placement and on-site orientation;
  • Selection of suitable homestay accommodation, breakfast and dinner included;
  • Donation to the project;
  • Full-time support from Brazilian Experience.


What is not included

  • Airline tickets
  • Domestic flights and weekend trips
  • Visa fee, if applicable
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal Expenses


Best deal – 6 weeks Standard program (2 weeks Portuguese + 4 weeks volunteering): U$ 2285

Minimum enrollment length (2 weeks volunteering): U$ 930

Extra week volunteering: U$ 230

Portuguese tuition fee (12-20 hours/week depending on group size): U$ 315

Application process

If you fulfill the program requirements and agree with the suggested dates and fees, you are ready to apply! Check below the necessary steps to confirm your application:


Step 1 – Complete online application form and attach: your resume, one picture of yourself and a copy of your passport identification page

Step 2 – We will confirm the project availability

Step 3 – Pay $150 non refundable deposit

Step 4 – Submit your visa documents to the nearest Brazilian consulate and book your flight

Step 5 – Upon payment we will start the home stay match

Step 6 – We will send your complete placement details

Step 7 – Pay program balance


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