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Wildlife Sanctuary – Curitiba


The Jaguar reserve is a nonprofit group with conservationist purposes. It encourages actions in behalf of nature preservation, in the best interests of quality of life for future generations, through the conservation of biodiversity, the rational use of natural resources and the preservation of endangered species.


Located at the metropolitan area of Curitiba (30 km from downtown), the reserve was created in 2003 when a little Jaguar was found in a private farm.


From that day on, the care and the passion for animals never stopped growing, at this time the reserve was created. Currently, there are over 1000 species under permanent care and treatment, many of them are endangered, such as the bush dog.


The purpose is to preserve endangered wild populations for future programs of restoration and management, for the development and improvement of captivity breeding techniques and also to file and share useful information for other breeders, as well as supporting scientific researches in its domains. Those efforts are accomplished by a specialized technical team and professionals from different institutions, aiding in the elaboration of new projects and in the general care of the animals.


The Jaguar reserve sponsor programs to safeguard the future of different animal populations, including mammals, birds and reptiles.


There are over 320 acres, a specially delimited and arranged zone, including appropriate facilities to provide the rational breeding of the Brazilian fauna species, with the adequate assistance. The site also includes a 62 hectares area of native forest, where scientific researches are frequently developed and supported by renowned Brazilian universities.


The Jaguar Reserve is registered in IBAMA (The Brazilian Institute of The Environment and Renewable Natural Resources) and this institute officially recognizes it.  Its existence is warranted by the need to legalize the activities of preserving the Brazilian fauna, with conservationist purposes, either by a public or a private enterprise.


International volunteers can help protecting Brazilian endangered species.


Volunteers will be able to treat and take care of the animals getting closer to the wildlife and preserving nature.  There is also an area of replanting endangered species, to ensure the future of our planet.



What are volunteers needed for?


While you are volunteering in the project you will be involved on helping in the following activities:


  • Preparing the food to feed the animals
  •  Helping the local staff assisting to the animals while they are on recovery treatments
  •  Cleaning the enclosures
  • Cooperate with the routine of the project under supervision of the local professionals
  • Plantation and harvest of plants and fruits used to feed the animals


*These activities above are not necessarily daily tasks, it depends of the current demand. The work routine will be defined and directed according to the project demands and following the decisions of the technical team.


What should volunteers expect?

  • A unique experience.
  • The opportunity to participate on conservation issues in Brazil.
  • The chance to make a volunteer contribution and to earn references and certificates.
  • The opportunity to visit places where tourists don’t usually go.


What volunteers should NOT expect?

  • A lively nightlife or a place to party. Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited inside the reserve
    and its use will cause the volunteer dismissal from the program.
  • Many options of leisure activities. This is an immersion program. The project is located 30km far from Curitiba, in a remote area. We recommend the volunteers to bring books and other things to spend time at night. There is a small town located 3km far from the project with multiple facilities, such as post office, bank, pharmacy, grocery store, hospital, among others. Volunteers can get to those places by feet.
  •  To have many volunteers around and a busy time after work. The project lodge only fits 6 people at a time, but the enrollment is seasonal, so the volunteer should prepared to be on its own also depending on the program period.





Accommodation and meals

The Jaguar Reserve has its own comfortable lodge for volunteers.

There are two rooms with private bathrooms, common dinning and TV room and a fully equipped kitchen.


Program requirements

  • Minimum age: 18 years-old
  • Minimum commitment: 2 weeks
  • Minimum Portuguese level: Not required
  • Passion for nature and genuine interest in helping.


Necessary documents to apply

  • Complete online application form
  • Resume
  • One picture of yourself
  • Copy of your passport identification page

Dates and fees

Month Arrival Dates National Public Holidays
January/2018 07/ jan 1 – New Years
February/2018 18/Feb 10 – 13 – Carnival
March/2018 04/mar 30 – Good Friday
April/2018 01/abr
May/2018 06/May May 1 – Labor Day / May 31 – Corpus Chri i
June/2018 03/jun
July/2018 01/jul
August/2018 05/Aug
September/2018 02/Sep Sep 7 – Independence Day
October/2018 30/Sep Oct 12 – Patron saint of Brazil
Nov 2 – Memorial Day
15 – Republic Proclamation
December/2018 25/nov Dec 25 – Christmas

What is included?

  • Pre-arrival orientation;
  • Airport pickup and transfer;
  • Arrival orientation and reflection sessions along the program period;
  • Welcome kit (Brazilian SIM card, bus card, city guide and more);
  • Lodge accommodation (shared room with private bathroom);
  • Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner (to be cooked by the volunteer);
  • Donation to the project;
  • Full-time support from Brazilian Experience.


What is not included

  • Airline tickets
  • Domestic flights and weekend trips
  • Visa fee, if applicable
  • Local transportation on day off
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal Expenses


Minimum enrollment length (2 weeks volunteering): U$ 1715

Extra week volunteering: U$ 480

Portuguese tuition fee available in Curitiba prior to start in the project (12-20 hours/week depending on group size): U$315 + U$ 170 for accommodation in home stay


Application process

If you fulfill the program requirements and agree with the suggested dates and fees, you are ready to apply! Check below the necessary steps to confirm your application:


Step 1 – Complete online application form and attach: your resume, one picture of yourself and a copy of your passport identification page

Step 2 – We will confirm the project availability

Step 3 – Pay $150 non refundable deposit

Step 4 – If necessary to apply for a visa, submit your documents to the nearest Brazilian consulate and book your flight

Step 5 – Upon payment we will start the home stay match

Step 6 – We will send your complete placement details

Step 7 – Pay program balance



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