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Why do I have to pay to volunteer abroad?

Frequently asked among travelers, this question is understandable since you are donating your time and energy.


Let’s dissect this through an example: how much does it cost for you to buy lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers? It is cheaper than eating a salad at a restaurant, right? If you eat out, you will never pay the same amount compared to when you prepare your own meal with ingredients bought at a supermarket. In the restaurant there is someone cooking and serving for you. In addition, there are many hidden costs that are not mentioned, such as rent, insurance costs, marketing and so it goes.


It will be cheaper to travel to a foreign country with an organization that handles most of the details than it would be if you tried to do it on your own. That is the service we specialize in and it involves several hidden costs. The program fee covers airport pick-up service, home stay, meals, donation to support the project, arrival orientation and 24-hour emergency support. You should also consider the costs of rent and accommodation in the country you’re going to, sometimes the rent can cost twice what you’re going to pay to the volunteer program.


So what do we spend your money on? Your money pays the cost of your housing, transport, it also goes toward research of worthy projects, host organizations and last but not least, here at BE we donate part of the money for the project you’re going to.  Although it is not something you can see, it takes time, money and effort to provide a good service and make sure you will have a great Brazilian Experience.


Volunteering abroad is an immeasurable way of getting immersed in a new culture and getting involved with local communities you would probably not be able to experience as a tourist. You will visit places, meet new people, learn a new language and most importantly make a positive impact.


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